Monday, November 9, 2009

KOTW - Konad of the Week!

Hello dear readers,
I have yet another Konad to show you and I am really having a fun time with my Konads, I must say!

I have called this the "Mehendi" or henna tattoo Konad because I chose the maroon Konad Special Nail polish on nude nails for this and I used Plate Number 9 - the image is the one to the left of the 'belt' image.

After I had done the image and put on a clear coat of polish, I thought that the nail looked plain and so I added a bit of brown glitter to the tips. I must admit that I took these photo's close to a week after I had done the nail so the tips were beginning to show some wear and tear.
I am by no means good at this yet but I do hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures!
Have a lovely day!

1 comment:

Pugnes said...

Very nice and yes its look like a Mehendi..