Monday, November 2, 2009


I thought you should also see a ToeNail of the Day! I am Toe'Nading now!

This is not the clearest of pictures as it was taken using my mobile phone. I used the M41 plate you see above with a design that fit nicely on the top corner of my toe. Its the design right above the butterfly. I don't remember now, but the polish I used would have been one from Maybelline.

I cannot tell you how much I enjoy having designs on my fingers and toes. Its like having a secret and keeping it with you. I delight in looking at them or if my shoes are totally covered, I get a little buzz of happiness just thinking that my toes are all pretty inside my shoes. I feel sexy too. Its like a little pick me up when I need it to get me through the day! Hope you enjoyed my Toe'Nading!


Pugnes said...

I've tried one of the pattern from the plate, yea!!! It looks nice and i really enjoyed looking at my nails everyday.

JackieA said...

Hi Pugnes,
Thank you so much for visiting my site. I am glad you tried a pattern and it sure does make you happy right?