Tuesday, November 17, 2009

KOTW - Konad of the Week!

Please say hello to my Konad of the Week!

For this Konad I started out with a clear coat of polish and added a French Tip.

I saw a really good tip via youtube on using sticky tape (cellophane tape or cellotape) to do the french tip instead of the special french tip stickers that are commonly used. I was quite interested to know whether this would really work because the last time I used the french tip stickers, it left a sticky film on my painted nails and I had to take off the polish and start over!

This is how this NOTW was done. I painted a clear coat of polish on my nails and waited 10 minutes for it to dry well. I then snipped up 10 small pieces of cellotape. Once my nails were really dry, I stuck the tape carefully across to do a straight french tip. I then painted on Sally Hansens white French Tip color twice and waited for that to dry well before I took off the cellotape. I then carefully peeled off the cellotape and voila, perfect french tips without leaving a sticky film on my nails!

I then stamped a design from M71 to the tips using the Dark Maroon Special Nail Polish

This design that you see on the M71 is the one that I used on my tips. Below is a close-up of my nail.

After about 3 days, I got a little tired of the design and added this from the M57. Again, I used cellotape to achieve this design! I taped off the tips and stamped the design to the rest of my nail. As you can see on my middle finger, I did not really do a good job of stamping the design, I was a little tired that evening...

If you are doing a french tip, why not try using cellotape instead of french nail stickers?

I hope you enjoyed viewing my little Konad adventure!

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P.Pugnes said...

Really nice...i should try that too :)