Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Small Uptown Visions Haul

Most of you would know that I spied Uptown Visions which had a very small display in Guardian Pharmacy at KLCC some time ago. I again bumped into this brand at another Guardian store and thought it would be great to try out some of the products so my sisters out there can have a feel of it.

From the picture above you would be forgiven for thinking that I purchased lip and nail colors in black! Tells you how crap my picture taking skills are! Please do forgive.....I have swatches to testify that these are indeed deep reds and purples.

Price wise, these 5 products cost RM 4 each which is as good as giving it away for free in Malaysia! What a haul for next to nothing! From a quality perspective, its another story altogether. Of course, it must be accepted that there would be a little compromise if you are paying so little for a product. The blush and nail color seem to be the items with slightly better quality. I have not tried the lip colors on my lips yet so that remains to be seen.

Overall, there was no luxe feel to the packaging which I can understand. The products themselves have colors which tend towards deeper reds and darker purples which will show up well on darker skin tones. This is wonderful seeing that there are or will be more options for us in the future.

I have taken some swatches and will report back on how they fared.

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pugnes said...

Hi, how it works? Have you tried all of them like your lipsticks and blushers? I will wait for the report of the products. I would like to know how it works on our the skin? :)