Thursday, June 24, 2010

Idea! How to Store Your Brushes

Have you tried many methods of storing your brushes and not found one that was satisfactory? Well here is an idea that you can use to ensure that your brushes stand straight up and don't flop around in your brush container!

My brushes (sorry for a photo of unclean brushes - I promise they are up for a thorough wash this weekend!) are stored this way. I am a big believer in repurposing simple things that you find around the house by giving it a new lease of life. So the container you see here was from a hamper full of cookies stored in several sizes of this clear plastic container. The plastic is very durable and the height of the container was just right for my brushes. I took the cover and attached it to the bottom of the container to form a stand.
Initially I could not find the correct materials to keep my brushes standing upright and one day as I was walking past a craft store, I spied these lovely beads that were being sold for RM13 per bag.  

The beads are long cylindrical ones and are a lovely shade of green. In these pictures the green does not show up as vibrant as they are. It looks rather dull here but I assure you that in the container, it looks lovely and sparkles quite a bit!

All I did was to empty the packet of beads into my container and I had a sturdy holder that keeps my brushes stand upright and I don't struggle to keep it organised anymore.

Another idea is to buy colored sand which can be found in our Ringgit store or flower shops. I have purchased some of these and will do a post sometime in the furture to tell you how the sand holds up as compared to these colorful beads.

How do you keep your brushes organized?


pugnes said...

wahh!! so creative!! :) i should try sth like dis too :)

nurul said...

Hi I m nurul from shah alam...i ve been using the hayan before...but somehow the outlet for the hayan is no more longer operated in shah alam....i love its arbutin may i know where is this wisma cosway... please let me know email me at : or

thanks so much..really need ur response