Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Benefit and the Three Bobbi B's - Which One Is A Hit And Which One Is A Miss?

This retro looking number is Benefits Cream Eyeshadow/Eyeliner in a funky color called 'Get Figgy'! Below is a swatch of it. It looks rather drab and brown in the pot but once applied it is a slightly frosty mauve.

Don't you just love that quote up there "and on the 7th day make up was created"? Its cuteness in a package and I am well on the road to becoming a hoarder because of all these boxes which I refuse to part with. I mean how can you throw that box away - it's so darn cute!

I love how it is creamy and smooth and glides on like a dream, does not drag on your skin and is not at all streaky. Bonus - it can also be used as a liner! I love when you get two different ways of using a product for the price of one.

Bobbi Brown's cream shadows, on the other hand, have left me cold....let me explain why.

My first taste of cream shadows were courtesy of Bobbi Brown. I purchased this unholy trinity several years back and until this day, they lie in state at the back of my eyeshadow drawer! Have you ever gone shopping on a bad day and come away making purchases that make you go "Hmmmm"?

Here are the three B's and they are called (see swatch from left to right) Glacier (Brrr!); Bellini and Sand Castle.

They do not go on super smoothly and (this is TOTALLY my personal opinion) if I try to blend it in too much, turns out streaky and uneven. Or is it just me?

The only color which I like is Bellini and it is great as a base - other colors layered on it looks gorgeous. Sadly, Glacier was pitched to me as a highlight for the browbone and thats the only thing I can see it as now. I have not experimented with it as a whole lid color - I shudder at the thought of all that 'glacial' whiteness on my brown lids!

The funny thing with Sandcastle is that it mysteriously blends to look exactly like my skin color once applied! How could I have missed this when the SA was applying it? Oh yes, she told me that the 'natural' look was in.....

Bottom line is I would go back to Benefit for more of these cream shadows and give Bobbi Browns cream shadows a miss.


Writing Without Periods! said...

I love new makeup but I've never tried this one. Your post gave me inspiration to go to department store and look for some new ones. I need a lift today.

JackieA said...

Hello Mary,
Thank you so much for stopping by, I do appreciate you taking the time. You so deserve to go to the department store and get something.....I am one of those who learnt from my mother who worked hard and rarely treated herself. I now tell myself "I deserve this".

Connie De Alwis said...

Benefit's a winner! I just wished they had a better color selection. I keep all of the boxes for my benefit products. ok, for all of my products...

Thanks for your input on the bobbi cream shadows. I've been wondering about them and looks like I can forget about them now!

JackieA said...

Hey Connie! Thanks for stopping by. Yeah I thought Benefit could do better in their color choices too and I am glad that I could help - I have not really been successful with Bobbi Browns products. By the way, I love your tutorials! Did you know that you and Paris B inspired me to write and start my own blog - thank you!